Iree & Richard - Ainsworth, NE 6/21/2018
Couldn't ask for a friendlier more helpful crew. They always seem to know what I expect and meet those expectations with the upmost courtesy and enthusiasm.

Jan - O'Neill, NE 6/21/2018
Krotters provided great service, Very knowledgeable and very accommodating. Great experience.

Phyllis - Naper, NE 5/7/2018
The dealer was located near to me so I could easily contact with any problem which they offered to do. I like to do business locally if possible. Wm. Krotter was very accommodating and helpful.

Jeff & Kristen - Norfolk, NE 4/23/2018
They were able to fit me in on short notice. Also, I had left a notebook behind and they notified me promptly and arranged for me to pick back up. Great people and I feel appreciated here.

Kevin - Atkinson, NE 4/8/2018
Tony and Andrew were AWESOME in every way. We are very satisfied with our experience and the performance of the vehicle. I would HIGHLY recommend that you check them out. They went above and beyond and were very expedient with the service. I would give them 11 out of 10....Yes, that good!

Emilea - Creighton, NE 4/4/2018
We worked with Tony and he was amazing! Told him exactly what my budget was, and exactly what we wanted in a vehicle and he found both! He was awesome to deal with: Very easy to communicate with, extremely laid back and wonderful to get along with! Didn't get the 'just another customer' feeling that you get going to other dealerships. Thanks again Tony!

Kevin & Amy - Yankton, SD 12/11/2017
Easy, no pressure.

Michael & Diana - Norfolk, NE 12/4/2017
Got my initial quote, which I thought was a bit high (aren't they always?!). Told my sales person approximately where I needed them to be to keep my interest, and they beat "my" price by a couple hundred dollars. They made it hard to walk away! The sales person and the sales manager were both VERY easy to work with, were very cordial, and made me feel like they really appreciated my business. First time I visited this dealership, and I will definitely go back when I am ready to trade again.

Barb - O'Neill, NE 12/4/2017
Customer service!

Brian - Stuart, NE 9/27/2017
Did a pickup trade with salesman Aaron Chohon was quick and easy. Second pickup I have bought from Krotters and plan to keep buying from them in the future.

Dennis & Michaela - Spalding, NE 8/17/2017
Great dealership - they always go way beyond expectations!

Janet - O'Neill, NE 8/17/2017
Krotters were fantastic to work with.

Barb - Lincoln, NE 5/15/2017
As I was unable to come pick up my new car Fred brought it to me which is almost a 4 hr drive and picked up our two cars that we used as trade in. He spent several hours going over all the the gadgets on the car. As I had knee surgery the next day I have not been able to drive my new car but I make a good passenger. I have never bought a car sight unseen but Fred made this a very pleasant experience!

Robyn - Plainview, NE 4/21/2017
Krotter's dealership has always been prompt, courteous, professional and friendly. Top notch Sales and Service departments.

Alan - O'Neill, NE 4/21/2017
They checked over the vehicle, updated the electronics and replaced a light I didn't know was burned out. They delivered the vehicle to me when they were done.

Karen - Verdigre, NE 4/21/2017
The dealership was extremely helpful in finding my new Buick Encore and I love it!

Jane - Ewing, NE 3/3/2017
Andrew,love love my new Chevy midnight edition pickup great service great truck getting great mileage.Thanks again we asked about this model and it showed up on your lot,thank you for it coming at a great time,had no thought of buying this truck!

Glen & Jodi - Atkinson, NE 11/1/2016
I always appreciate the great service I get from Krotters! Everyone that works at Krotters are just great people to deal with, I appreciate how much they appreciate my business!

Adam - Spencer, NE 10/26/2016
They are a no pressure, hassle free dealership. They are family owned for 125+ years and have great values and are true to their word. Beats any other GM dealership in Nebraska!!!!

Maurice & Anita - O'Neill, NE 10/25/2016
The team at Krotters does a great job!

Kurt & Pam - Atkinson, NE 10/12/2016
They were very helpful in finding the vehicle I wanted at a price I wanted!

Gary & Debbie - Stuart, NE 8/9/2016
Thank you to Wm Krotter Co. We love our new Yukon.Thank you Aaron Chohon for your help. Aaron was very curtious he didn't pressure us and was more than willing to answer any questions we had. The other sales associates were also very helpful and curtious.

Bob & Nancy - Naper, NE 7/13/2016
Service was excellent and professional. The only issue with the vehicle was having to bring it back to have the rear passenger window fixed. It was promptly taken care of. Positive experience overall. Thank you! We knew exactly what we wanted and Andrew made it happen without any hassles. In and out service with capable staff!

Glen & Jodi - Atkinson, NE 8/12/2015
We like the Krotter team and trust what they tell us....They approached us because there was an excellent deal going on.

James & Marilyn - O'Neill, NE 6/4/2015
I appreciate the thank you note from Andrew and Fred. They took the time to show their appreciation for my business. Andrew is a good people person and relates well to the customer.

Mike & Jeanne - Spencer, NE 6/2/2015
Krotters works to accomodate my schedule, and I really appreciate their consideration. They always knows me by name, and treats me with respect. This is a big reason why I am a loyal customer.

Trenton - Lincoln, NE 6/2/2015
A+ 100%!

Margaret - O'Neill, NE 6/2/2015
They worked hard to make sure I understood how to program and use XM Radio, Navigation, and Onstar.

Gordon & Larue - O'Neill, NE 6/2/2015
The staff has always had time to deal with any questions we may have regarding service or purchasing of vehicles.Our family members have also appreciated the service they have received. They are always willing to listen and take action as needed.

Dennis & Toni - Chambers, NE 4/28/2015
Kevin was especially nice to me. He provided me with a loaner car to drive while my car was being worked on. Everyone has always been nice to me. Very professional.

Francis - Stuart, NE 4/22/2015
Happy with dealings involving purchase of new Colorado!

Larry - Naper, NE 3/25/2015
My wife had her 2009 Buick in O'Neill that day and asked about three separate issues. Mr. Krotter personally took care of all three. Talk about personal service. Very happy to recommend them.

Edward & Marla - Atkinson, NE 1/13/2015
Wm Krotter gave us great service and will be doing business with Fred & Andrew in the future.

David - O'Neill, NE 1/7/2015
They were extremely helpful in our purchase process.

Lawrence - O'Neill, NE 12/16/2014
Excellent service and very friendly personnel.

Nick - O'Neill, NE 10/13/2014
I have recommended Wm Krotter Company before and was very satisfied with their efforts to help us find a pickup. I purchased my 2002 GMC from them in 2003 and hopefully this GMC will treat me as well as the last truck and the good people at Wm Krotter Co. will stand behind this truck as well as they did my last truck. Good product & good service-makes for return customers.

Louis - Butte, NE 10/13/2014
My next car will come from this dealer and all further autos

Lonnie - Stuart, NE 10/13/2014
We have purchased many vehicles from Krotter's and they always order or find what we want!

Frank - Bassett, NE 10/13/2014
The crew of workers are courteous and willing to explain anything we ask

Tim & Ann - O'Neill, NE 7/11/2014
Very pleasant & knowledgeable personnel!

Jeanie & Mike - Spencer, NE 6/19/2014
Andrew and Fred were very responsive to all our questions and concerns. They were careful to explain options, and find the one that was just what we wanted. They went out of their way to introduce us to the features of our new vehicle, and even more importantly to make sure we knew of every program/rebate that was available to us. Living in a rural area, they recognized that we needed a spare/donut tire, not just a can of aerosol, and volunteered to provide one for us. My dad always dealt with Krotters because of their integrity and respect for the customer. I'm happy to say their traditions are still alive and well, according to our experience.

Laurie - Amelia, NE 6/19/2014
Excellent Experience. They will have a lifetime customer in me.

Alberta - O'Neill, NE 4/1/2014
Krotter's are pioneers in the Holt County area - we have done business with them our whole adult lives.

Matt - Stuart, NE 2/21/2014
No ones word is better than Krotters word. They stand behind it 100%. That's why they are the only dealership I'll do business with.

James - Burwell, NE 2/6/2014
The service I have received since my purchase of this vehicle has been very good. The atmosphere of the Krotter service department is very friendly and helpful.

Joseph & Patti - Atkinson, NE 2/3/2014
It was a pleasure working with Andrew and Fred Krotter. We were very impressed with their professionalism and service. We have recommended this dealership to several of our friends and family and appreciate their willingness to go out of their way to get us the best possible deal.

Patrick - Spencer, NE 2/3/2014
Go out of their way to make sure I was not waiting and longer than needed! Graded A+

Adam - Spencer, NE 1/27/2014
Great place to buy a vehicle. My family buys all of our vehicles there. Great service, price, & overall experience.

Gordon & Larue - O'Neill, NE 1/14/2014
The staff/employees and owners of WmKrotter Co.....have been very knowledgeable,very courteous and willing to do whatever is needed to provide us with service and/orassistance. We highly recomment them, not only to our family and friends but to YOU who are members of the greater Buick Company at large...... They provide an awesome service in being part of our local town and surrounding area.

Marilyn - Bartlett, NE 1/14/2014
I have purchased all of my Buick and GMC vehicles from Wm. Krotter and I couldn't be more pleased with the service and the people working there.

Francis & Deborah - Stuart, NE 1/14/2014
Wm. Krotter Co. is a family owned-local business with roots in many of our surrounding area towns/cities. It is great to do business with this type of independent/home owned business. Keep Up The Good Work!

Jack - O'Neill, NE 1/14/2014
Very friendly personnel!

Lynn - Page, NE 1/14/2014
No problems with the service....glad they are there to provide local service!

Shirley - O'Neill, NE 1/14/2014

Dana - O'Neill, NE 1/14/2014
Great people to work with

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